Random playing cards generator

Random playing cards

Generate a random playing card, this is a great tool for when you don't have a deck available.

Playing card

The deck is a set of cards that are used in various games, according to the preference of the players. Normally, the deck has 52 cards, distributed in 4 groups called suits, which have 13 cards of different numerical values. The numerical values ​​range from 2 to 10, in addition to an “Ace”, which corresponds to 1, a jack (represented by the letter J, card 11), a Queen (letter Q, card 12) and a King (letter K, card 13).

The suits (symbols) of the deck are: spades (♠), clubs (♣), hearts (♥) and gold (♦). The deck is believed to have been created by the Frenchman Jacquemin Gringonneur, at the behest of King Charles VI of France. Thus, Gringonneur would have created the deck to represent the social divisions of France through suits. Hearts would represent the clergy; gold, the bourgeoisie; the spades, the military; and the clubs, the peasants.

The cards in the deck have one side with different colors and symbols, called the face, and the other with a pattern common to all cards, in addition, there is the card joker, which allows special advantages to those who stay with it.

Playing cards became famous in the Middle Ages, where feudal lords began to bet land and slaves, promoting the wealth of some and the poverty of others, almost instantly and starting there the compulsion for games of chance.

Source: Brasil Escola