Spin Wheel

Wheel spinner

The Spin Wheel is a free decision-making tool, distribution of prizes, raffles, games and more.

Sometimes, a simple coin toss is all you you need to make a decision, but a coin has only two sides. With Spin Wheel, you can toss a coin with several sides. Settle disputes between friends, co-workers and family members about decisions like where to go for lunch, what movie watch or what to do. Let the wheel decide for you.

The decision of which task to do can be daunting when there are priorities. Rotate a wheel on your task list and run each task in a random order.

Choose a random student in the class to answer a question or participate in a classroom activity. Turn a wheel questions, topics or vocabulary terms. Use the wheel to assign groups or teams randomly. You can also assign tasks randomly to teams or individuals. To unlike you or your colleagues, Spin Wheel has no prejudices.