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How to become a country

A country is a controlled political state, nation or territory, but how to become a country? Here are some steps.

  • Declaring independence: To create a new country, it must first become independent, that is, a state that has autonomy and freedom in politics, the independence of a country or territory is the conquest and maintenance of its political and economic sovereignty, which can be absolute or relative.
  • Gain recognition: To be legitimate, a new country should be recognized by existing states in the international community. Each existing state grants recognition at its own discretion, and several entities are recognized as legitimate states by some countries, but not by others. In the USA, the decision to grant recognition to a country is taken by the president.
  • Join the United Nations: Being admitted to the UN is a long way for a new country to be recognized by the international community. To apply to be a member of the UN, the aspiring country must first send an application letter, together with a statement that you will follow the Nations, to the UN Secretary-General. The order is then forwarded to the Security Council, where the votes must be obtained from at least nine of the 15 members of the Council. If approved, the Council's recommendation for admission is then submitted for consideration by the General Assembly, which consists of the current 192 UN member states. A two-thirds majority of votes is necessary for the new country to be admitted to the UN.

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