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Do you need a die for your board game but have you lost or forgotten it? Use our dice online and keep having fun with friends.

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The dice are small polyhedral engraved with certain instructions. The most classic data is the cube (six faces), engraved with numbers from one to six. There are also two-sided data (represented by coins), three-sided (same as a classic six-sided dice, but with only three numbers, each repeated twice), four faces (in pyramid format), eight faces, ten faces, 12 faces, 20 faces, among others.

The function of the dice is to generate a random result that is restricted to the number of faces in it. This result can then be manipulated (if it is a number) using formulas if the game requires it. For example, a number between 20 and 25 using six-sided data requires the application of a mathematical formula. The dice are commonly used in traditional board games and role-playing games.

Source: Wikipedia